1. How often do you clean the stalls out?

    1. We clean them every day or on an as needed basis

  1. What brand of feed do you use?

    1. Nutrena Safe Choice –?14% Protein, 7% Fat,  max., 15% Fiber

    2. Purina Equine Senior - 14% Protein, 5.50% Fat - Min, 18% Fiber - Max

  1. How many times a day does the horse get fed?

    1. All horses are fed 2x a day, AM & PM  (approx. 9 AM & 6 PM).

  1. How often does the horse get turned out if the horse has an inside stall?

    1. The horse will get turned out in the morning and will be brought in at night.  ** We highly recommend that during the spring, summer & fall, the horse stay outdoors during the night as this is when they tend to graze the most.

  1. How often do you look over the horses to see if there are any problems/health concerns?

    1. Every time the horse is fed, we do a visual inspection of each horse.  If we see any abnormal behavior while in the fields or in the stall, we will assess the situation and call the owner promptly.

  2. Do you heat the barn in the winter?

    1. No, sorry we do not heat the barn.

  3. Do you have hot and cold water in the barn?

    1. Yes,  we have hot and cold water in the barn.
  4. How do you handle seasonal shots?

    1. We will call our local vet, Dr. Christopher Fazio, in the spring and the fall and setup an appointment to have all the horses done at the same time. 

  5. What is your policy on have a trainer on your property?

    1. If the trainer carries their own policy, then with a copy of their policy, they are allowed to conduct training on the premises.

    2. If the trainer does not have their own policy, they are not permitted under our insurance policy to be training on our property.

  6. What are  your barn hours?

    1. We currently do not have any set barn hours.  Every horse owner is free to come and go as they please.

  7. Are non-horse owners allowed at the barn?

    1. If the non-horse owner is occupied by a horse owner, they are allowed on the property.

  8. Do you have fans in the barn?

    1. There is a large attic fan in the barn that can be turned on to cool off the barn if needed. 

    2. There is also a large stand up fan that I will use on very hot days.

  9. During inclement weather, what do you do with the horses?

    1. If it is snowy or icy or thunderstorms are in the predicted weather, we will keep the horses in the stall and provide them hay.

  10. Do we currently own any dogs and what are their temperaments?

    1. No, we do not currently own any dogs.


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